Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Tree

"A tree jumped out in front of me and ate our RV mirror!"You might think I'm kidding, but that is what Angela said while I surveyed the damage - and the mirror on the ground. Now, if that had been David, the quote would NOT have been printable. Neither would anything about our extended weekend in Kings City, nor any outings attached to it. So, what's another Best Thing About Married to a Transsexual - attitude. Accidents happen. They are unplanned, and in most cases unavoidable. There is just no way to horse around a 39' motor home and not occasionally whack a tree branch. Angela does an OUTSTANDING job of driving, backing, parking, and otherwise maneuvering the RV in all variety of tight spots. It's always a blessing when the roads are good, the parks have good pull-through parking with all the branches cut to accommodate our RV, and there aren't lots of stuff for the dogs to pick up in their fur. However, more often than not: there are bad roads on our routes; there are no pull-throughs at RV parks; and the parking spaces that one gets are not always great for our sized rig, even though they are advertised as being "just right." So, a mirror got whacked this weekend. It'll cost a small fortune to get it replaced, no doubt, but we had a GREAT weekend! We made a passel of new friends, we had a couple of wonderful meals, we saw a good museum, and we just had a good time. I can absolutely guarantee that had the mirror - thing happened with David driving and not Angela, "he" would have pissed and moaned all weekend. He'd have been miserable with self blame, and I'd have been miserable listening to it all weekend. Not only that, but he'd probably have been a hermit the whole weekend. Not so Angela! She took it as an accident, put the mirror in the bin to deal with when we got home, and spent the rest of the weekend (Thurs-Sun) having a good time.

I can easily recommend Monterey County Agricultural and Rural Life Museum and the San Lorenzo Regional Park as a good place to go. It's a lovely park, a good museum, and it has good sites for campers and RVers (but watch out for low hanging branches in some of the pull-throughs). The park is well maintained and there is plenty to do. The museum is interesting. They also have fully restored a home, a 1-room school house, a train depot, a blacksmith shop and loads of farm equipment from the 1880s forward. They also have a museum on irrigation.

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