Monday, April 7, 2008

Another day saved by my T

It was a beautiful day in gold country as we awoke to prepare for our departure. We'd spent a full day Saturday seeing the local sights with another couple from our new RV club. We descended into a gold mine (Sutter), had the best hamburger I've had in years (at Buffalo Chips in Amador!), toured a flower farm before any flowers were in bloom (dumb), and generally just had a good time with new friends. Everything was going smoothly until it was time to put the tow dolly on the coach. It just wouldn't fit. Well, you know the old saying - if it doesn't fit - get a hammer. We tried that, well - sort of - does jumping on it count? Anyway, it wasn't going to work, so Angela to the rescue - again - of course! First off, one must fiddle with it to understand just what is happening, right? Natch. Does she change from her nice top? No. Does she get a rag for dirty hands? No. Does she get something to lay on the ground? No. Well, she did after I began suggesting things like, "Get a rag, change your blouse, take off your jewelry and bring something to lay down on. I got the rag, but it was too late, she'd already used a towel, which is now a rag. I also got paper towels. She did get something to put on the ground, but the blue jeans were already a mess, but at least it saved the blouse (and hair). We keep a tool kit on the RV. It's more than most folks have, but, as you might expect, it did not have the correct sized socket wrench. So, we began to ask around. Most of our 50-coach group was at breakfast and unavailable. Miss Inventive used a crescent wrench and "made do." By the time several folks had returned from breakfast and offered aid, we were fixed and the car was loaded onto the dolly. Oh yes, she'd also helped another couple take care of a propane problem, and another with a refrigeration problem the evening before. Did I mention how luck I (and others) were to have my transsexual (who still knows all her guy things too) in my life. Now, least you think I love her only because of all her abilities - think again. We have a deep and abiding love. I mean 41 years married is nothing to sneeze at. We didn't get there because I can cook and she can fix things!

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