Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Ah doggies. They are pretty special aren't they? Well, mine are, and if you are a dog lover, or a pet lover of any kind, you already know how special they are. Kathryn the Great is the greatest, so her name is certainly a perfect fit; even if I do call her Stink as often as not - because she's a little stinker - always into everything. She wants to know what is going on, and she must see to it that whatever it is that is going on is going the way she thinks it should. I'm sure you know the type. Her back knees are starting to give out, but it isn't slowing her down much. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make them perfect for her again though. Snowball's Chance is our largest dog, and we call her Little. Now, that makes sense, doesn't it? She WAS little once. Besides, she always acts as if she is the smallest - always giving way to the others. She's happy to let Kathryn be the dominant, and to let the baby think she is the dominant. Snowball is also my proof positive that Angela's transition was the right thing to do. Angela brought her home, you see, when I thought Kathryn the Great had a Snowball's chance of ever having a second dog to play with. Before that, dogs had always been "mine," not ours, and I knew it was unlikely I'd ever convince David to have a second dog. Oh, he was nice to them, but not exactly a dog lover. Then he began to transition to Angela, and when she brought home a second dog, that was my proof of how much Angela had changed. That was Angela's first Best Thing About Being Married to a Transsexual. It will always be the First, and the Best "Best Thing." So we come to our third doggie: Cassandra. She is Angela's baby girl. They are a twosome for sure. Dogs are special around here. I can't imagine our house without a dog - or two - or three. We love them so. We also treasure the memory of all our doggies that are gone from us - all well loved, and all treasured in our memories.

This post is in memory of a special pet that belonged - and will always belong - to a friend of mine. For Maxi - with our love.

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