Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sleeping Ts, grandchildren, and dogs

You know what they say about sleeping dogs? Well, it applies to Ts (transsexuals) and grandchildren as well. When they are asleep, especially when they are asleep in a pile (which is what you have when you have three dogs piled up against anyone or anything!). One should automatically hang a Do Not Disturb sign on the whole kit and caboodle! Why? Because all of them are currently quiet! There are no barking doggies, no babbling kiddos (or whining, or crying either), and no questions from our adorable T. In fact, I'm not sure who is the most adorable when it comes to such a grouping. There is no question that the puppies get themselves into what would appear to be most uncomfortable positions, which just makes them look cute. The baby is just plain darling snuggled against her snoozing Grammy. And as for the Grammy - well - there is nothing more content than a grandmother with a granddaughter asleep on her chest. They are quite a cute, adorable, darling little pile. GET THE CAMERA! No - wait. The flash will wake up at least half of them - damn! No, I am NOT going to stand by, at-the-ready, for half an hour. In fact, I think I'll just snuggle up to the whole bunch and take a nap myself. Didn't I tell you were lots of "Bests" when you have a T around? Well, here's another.

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