Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First Steps! A Red Letter Day

We've passed a milestone - Brooke, our granddaughter, is walking! She turned 10 months old on the 17th. Her mother also walked at 10 months, so, true confession time, we figured she'd be an early walker too. Oh yes, she almost skipped crawling because she preferred to be up on those little feet. Of course, crawling did happen, and it is her primary source of moving at present - and always at top speed. She began letting go and standing alone for a few second a little over a month ago, but she wasn't ready to take the first step unassisted. Last night she began with 2 steps, then 3, and then 5. Now we're trying to get all that motion on video, and naturally, she takes off before we can get the camera going. We'll keep at it. Wouldn't you?

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