Friday, May 2, 2008

Gramma Angela

Angela is on duty today. She's on duty often, actually, but more often than not in spits and spurts as I take a break to do various other duties. You could say the same for me, as when she has a "must do," I step in. However, I am primary grandmommie by default, I guess. When she's too fussy, it's me she reaches for. When she just wants to be held, it's me she heads for. I'm happy with that. I do love the fact that it was Angela who volunteered us as primary sitters, because she so wanted to be a grandmother. I love the fact that she willingly steps in so often. I have more outside activities than Angela, and she is on duty alone far more often than I am. Even if I'm the only one in the house, Angela is within reach - in the shop or working in the yard. I can step outside, or give her a call on the cell, and she's inside in a heartbeat. I doubt there are many folks out there that can say as much for their spouse! So, you're right, this is another Best Thing About Married to a T!

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