Friday, August 22, 2008

T's got talent!

So a T is going to be on TV as a regular. The GLBT+ community has been on TV before, and I certainly agree it's past time that they become mainstream characters. I'd like to see more of their character's be something other than the "funny" one(s) of the bunch, or the "awkward" one, or indeed, the "strange" one, but just being on TV is a good thing. What I'd really like to see is a couple like us - just one of the folks in the neighborhood. About the only thing that makes us different in our neighborhood - as far as what our neighbors see - is that we do fly the rainbow flag beneath the American Flag. My point is, we need to stop making people that are not exact cookie cutters of ourselves seem less than ourselves. We need to stop arginalizing "others." Let's just treat everyone like they were part of the family, because we are all a part of the "family of man." We need more handicapped folks involved as mainstream TV characters too. Let's start a campaign!

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Amelie said...

Yay!! I'd like to see a trans couple on Desperate Housewives, myself. =)