Friday, August 15, 2008

Blogger unblocked my blog!

Gee, I must suddenly be special. I can post again. Blogger promised to let me know when they "unblocked" my blog - "after they reviewed it for 20 days" - since they thought it was spam(????!) They did NOT let me know I could post again. So, I still think they must be prejudiced against GLBT+, or trans folks anyway. I heard nothing about why they thought the blog was spam, nothing about what they were looking for, when or why they decided to unblock it, or anything else. Oh yeah, my password suddenly didn't work either. I had to reset that. I'd like to hear what others think about blogs being considered spam. Even more so, I'd like to hear if you are part of the GLBT+ communicty and have experienced this situation - with Blogger or any other blog arena. It's pretty rotten if you ask me, but then, you see, now I'm prejudiced against Blogger! How'd that happen?! Okay, I'm still using it, so I'm not very prejudiced. I'll just say I'm pretty suspicious of them for now. Let me hear from you.

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