Tuesday, January 22, 2008


It’s a good thing one of us is inventive around here. I mean it would make things so much more difficult, not to mention expensive. Angela is a fix-it/handy-person. More important, she is an inventor. When something doesn’t work well, she can add to it, or change it so it works better. If we need something, and it’s not readily available, she comes up with a Plan B. I’m good at Plan B also, in fact, I often say, if it weren’t for Plan B, I’d have no workable plan at all. But Angela’s Plan Bs have to do with products, not just work arounds. Here’s a for instance: We’ve had a problem on the RV with a small leak at a hose connection for city water for a couple outings. It’s annoying, but not serious. This weekend, she made an adaptor. It’s involved and somewhat complicated, with shut off valves and such. It solved the problem. No more leak, and it also made hooking up and unhooking twice as fast because she also added quick releases. Whew!Additionally, when we sold our 5th Wheel to get the motor coach, we also sold our truck. We live out in the country on a little more than two acres, so we really need a truck for hauling this and that. Angela’s a woodworker too, so we buy a lot of wood. She came up with an add-on to our tow dolly that lets us haul almost anything. Yesterday, we picked up a load of wood with the RV and newly adapted tow dolly. Am I lucky or what? So, here's another of the Best Things About Being Married to a Transsexual. She's all woman, but she still knows everything that David knew!

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