Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm not a happy camper right now

I wonder if blogger,com ever checks what folks are asking for in their help stuff. Yeah, I know we are supposed to get help from each other – BUT it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve asked three times for help on getting my astrological sign changed from Gemini to Cancer. My question has appeared on help from at least three others, has if it’s been address, I haven’t seen it. It should just be a line that can be changed – easy and simple. I’ve also been shut out for three days on the invalid email address message, despite following all of Google’s directions, none of which “took” until today. I did nothing different today than I did before. It would seem if something turns up fairly often, and this is one of their top five problems, it should be a pop back answer. So, I’m frustrated with my blogging experience right now.

I’m wondering if the reason I haven’t received an answer is that folks are afraid to look at my blog because it touches on an unusual subject. I’m married, and I have been for 41 years, to the same person. However that man became a woman in 2002. “Horrors!” you say? Would you say the same if I’d said he’d had a heart attack and couldn’t perform as a male anymore? It’s the same person. I love that person. Yeah, we’ve had some adjusting to do, but guess what – life is MUCH better than when I was living with a person who was not happy with who they were. Why wouldn’t everyone want our marriage to survive? Why couldn’t everyone be happy for us? It’s too bad the folks that pick and choose what they want to believe in the bible can’t seem to figure out that they are going to face their god, and mine, someday. I’m glad I’m happy with my GLBT friends and as forgiving of them as I am of all my straight friends. One of my friends believes that God is going to turn out to be whatever it is you’ve most vilified. You hate a particular race? When you get up there, God’s going to be that race. Uh Oh! You hate gays? Guess what. Uh Oh again! I rather hope it happens that way. What am I now? A straight lesbian, I guess. Aren’t labels fun? We could have a whole conversation just on how poorly labels work.

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