Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's never boring with Angela around

I could fill a blog with day-to-day activities that actually add up to Zero, couldn’t you? You know what I mean, don’t you? All that mundane stuff like making the bed, setting the table, fixing dinner is just plain boring, Boring, and even more BORING. Yet, much of my day goes by that way, until Angela sparkles herself into my awareness. Then things turn more interesting:
It used to be that we could easily read a paper/magazine/book without a comment between us back when She was He. Now, we actually talk about we’ve read.

When she’s working on a project these days, I’m always involved too somehow. That’s pretty amazing, because I don’t know diddly about most of the things in a woodworking shop. Projects were to be done alone back when He was She. Yet now I find myself helping hold wood, watching as she drills holes, and discussing colors on a set of drawers. Who would have thought that would have happened?

Fixing dinner is so much more fun now too. I make a salad while she gets going with all the pots and pans. I get the entrée cooking while she’s setting the table. Guess what else: We actually talk and share some laughs while all that fixing-of-the-meal happens. When she was he that certainly wasn’t the typical scenario. I was in there doing it all, while he was watching the news.

Ah, what a difference a few hormones make!

There’s always joy around here with Angela around.

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