Saturday, January 12, 2008

Guilt is another Best Thing About Being Married to a Transsexual

I'm inside, working on articles I've kept on a variety of subjects - right now, writing, but there are more subjects ahead - medical, household hints, travel, websites to visit - you name it there's a little file on almost any given subject. So, I'm indexing them andputting them in a folder. But, Angela is outside working in the yard. Every fifteen minutes or so she goes by my window with the lawn tractor filled with discards from the garage, hedge clippings, limbs she's picked up after the last wind, rain, or someone running over a corner of the yard leaving debris strewn everywhere. You see we're on a corner lot in the country, so folks take short cuts and usually leave some form of calling card besides their tire tracks: They will dump their trash or throw miscellaneous garbage out a window - you get the point. Anyway, I am feeling very guilty sitting here in the nice warm house, all-comfy, while she's out there working her behindness off. I have three trees to plant, my compost to dump, mix in and water, bird feeders to fill and a flowerbed that needs attention. So, the Guilts have me. Given that, I will soon be outside working on my things or helping her. Don't you hate it when your spouse is out there doing the right thing, and you're inside doing something less necessary or productive? So, I'm out of here - damn!

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