Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wax & Rain

Yeah, I know it is supposed to be ‘wax and wane,’ but I said wax and rain ‘cuz that is what happened to Angela. She spent 2.5 days waxing the RV, only to have it rain through our whole RV trip. Of course, I told her the rain was all her fault. Yes, the weatherman told us rain was on the way, but who believes the weatherman in the winter around here (especially when the forecast is rain)? Now, in the summer, when the weather is always ‘102-3-or 4 degrees and sunny’ – THAT we believe – but not when rain is predicted. So, this weekend, the weatherman said, “Rain,” and that is what we got – gobs of it. Now, Angela, being a morning person, is always first up. She also takes the dogs out for their first walk. This time, the rain was really pelting us. Even so, she kindly took the little beasties out for their 15-minute sniff, doodle around and do their business. Not only that, but she gave them a good rub down when she returned to the RV – without even disturbing me. What a gal! What makes this special? When she was David, even a sprinkle meant, “Jonni, it’s raining out, you’ll have to do the dogs!” So, this is just another one of those Best Things About Being Married to a T.


cindy99 said...

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Angela Smith said...

Hi Jonni
I am very moved by your entertaining blogs - you are an inspirational couple and I'm so happy that everything has worked out so well for you. I'm a TV producer originally from the UK and have now moved to LA to set up a US office for the company, called Turn On Television (www.turnontv.co.uk). We have made quite a few programmes for UK TV covering transgender and transsexual issues. We covered an amazing love story between two men who both wanted full sex changes to become women. We followed them through the process and on to their wedding where they both looked beautiful as women and were so in love. We told another story about a fantastic couple where both people were transgender, one now a man and the other now a woman - again another very happy relationship. We now have a US broadcaster interested in us making a similar program for them, and we are looking for couples who are happily together and flying in the face of convention. We want to find couples who have defied the odds and are happy in spite of the fact that mainstream society may not think of them as conventional. I wonder if you may be interested in possibly being involved in the program? You are such positive role models and I think may people could be inspired by your story. I can be reached at angela.smith@turnontv.co.uk and would really appreciate hearing back from you. Keep up the great blogging - I'll certainly keep reading it! best wishes, Angela Smith, Turn On Television