Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blue Funk continues

Yep, she's all woman. I'd say she's menopausal, but I don't think that counts under the circumstances

I gave her a nice card and offered to make a day of shopping and going out to a nice dinner. “I don’t want to,” was her reply. Yesterday, I dragged her through a store between doctor appointments, and she lackadaisically only touched a couple of outfits. Even shoes, her number one priority for years, didn’t get her interested. Instead, she complained “wearing those high, high heels that I love caused my bunion, and now I can’t even wear regular high heels for long.” I felt the “boo-hoo,” even if I didn’t hear it.

So, no, we didn’t go out either. We do have a dinner guest joining us this week, and one next week. She can dress up for both of them. So, I’m counting on at least one of them to perk her up. I’m hoping that having a few days of sunshine will help too (forecast for next week).
Keep your fingers crossed.

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Unusual Couple said...


It is lovely to read your blog, so honest and often deep. I choose this post to comment on because of the hormone thing. It wasn't long after my beautiful Dyck started to dress en femme that I noticed some kind of hormonal thing going on. I have made jokes about it several times and we laugh it off but are still aware of it. Sometimes its like starting a whole new relationship with someone you kind of know and my love grows deeper.
kisses & much respect
Phystikat x