Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't be a gaycist - or a Transist!

Great video, if you're interested:
Join in, be a part of the courage campaign. Fresno will be having a courage camp next month, and I'll be there.
Here's the deal, we're all in this together, and it's NOT 'just about marriage' - it's about Civil Rights. Everyone in the GLBTQI+ communities deserve the rights others have. We , whether you are straight (but not narrow) or already a part of the community/family, have to get everyone on board the civil rights bandwagon. There is no reason everyone who is committed can't file joint income tax returns, be recognized as a family member/couple when one of them goes to a hospital, dies, or is jailed. There is no reason they can't marry. There is no reason their marriage shouldn't be recognized in a state outside of the one they were married in. There are hundreds of reasons GLBTQI+ folks don't share the same rights as others, and it is just plain WRONG. Years from now, folks will look back and wonder what the hubub was about, and some will be ashame of the side they were on, just as happened with the last civil rights movement. Unfortunately, it was the folks who should have been in the forefront (the religious right) that were fighting against civil right for Blacks. Now, they're fighting against civil right for those in the GLBTQI+ community. It's time folks just decided people are people. Yep, there are bad and good eggs in each group, but that's no reason to hold up civil rights for anyone. Speak out, step out and help the cause. Get on board!

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