Thursday, February 12, 2009

Computers are wonderful but it's good to have a T too

Okay, I admit I am no computer whiz. The good news is that Angela is. She's been knowlegeable about computers all the way back to the DOS days when she wrote her own programs. A few years later, she became a computer engineer through Netscape systems while she was teaching. So her coming to my rescue is not a new thing. Recently, while working on an 82 page document using a couple different computers, I pushed a couple buttons incorrectly and lost the whole thing. I fiddled with it awhile and then called on Angela for help. Yep, she came to my rescue and got almost all of the file back. As you might image, I wasn't particularly happy about that, so I decided to take the rest of the day off. She kept at it.

Today, there's good news in the Pettit household again! The file came up good as new on the portable! I don't know what voo-doo Angela did, but she saved my neck again! Now, this may not be a remarkable thing around some houses, but it is around here. That is so because, you see, there were lots of giggles, jokes and good natured fun going on while all that 'saving my neck' got done. That's just one of the delightful things about having a T around!

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