Thursday, February 5, 2009

Computers are time eaters

Boy, it's been three weeks since I last posted, and it feels like it's been ten minutes - well okay, ten days maybe! I've been on the computer a lot. I've found that means time seems to scream by. Before one knows it, hours have passed. I've been going to bed at midnight. I sit down at the computer around ten p.m., and the next thing I know, I can hardly keep my eyes open. The old clock on the wall (or on the computer) reads midnight or later, and I think I've hardly begun my project for the evening. I've been looking up recent pamphlets available for Ts as I'm updating my list. You see, I wrote a book about Angela's transition from my viewpoint. I think it's important that a wife's view is out there, particularly since our marriage is thriving since the transition. The only problem is that, for me, working on the computer makes time disappear! When I'm concentrating on something, I get lost in the project, and days can go by, not just hours. I love talking about Angela since her transition on this blog, and I miss doing it. But, as you can see, days have skipped by while I spent time on the computer. All I can say is I'm sorry! I'll try not to get so wrapped up in the computer that I let weeks get by me again.

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