Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kisses in the hall

Love is all about kisses in the hall, when you pass one another, or just when you happen to be close. Love is saying I Love You more than once a year, it's saying it every day, at unexpected times, and when it's least expected. Love is all those little "love" touches also in the hall, when you pass one another, or just when you happen to be close. It's also holding hands in the yard, in the house sometimes, and out sometimes. We are fortunate to be in California where two women, or men, holding hands, or touching one another in appropriate manner, is accepted. I have never been one to suggest necking in public, or deep kissing, or certainly not going futher, but hand holding is always okay. Anyway, think about how many times you tell the person you've committed your life to, then count the times you show it, say it, or act on your love besides actual love making. It's those little kisses and touches in the hall that make all the difference. They remind each other how much you really care. What a difference it made to us when Angela no longer had to hide who she was. David certainly used to touch, kiss, and hold hands, but it always felt more obligatory than desired. After she started cross dressing it was the most natural thing in the world. Now it's every day, and what a blessing it is. Yeah, this is one of those Best Things about being married to a T again!

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missalicat313 said...

i am dating a transgender person right now, Sarah. i never gave transgender issues much thought until i met sarah and fell in love with her. i didn't go looking for a person like Sarah, it's not something i had ever really thought about. i just sort of found her and my life has been better since i did. she will not have sex reassignment surgery,but she is on estrogen and living her life as a woman. she also has breast implants. at first i thought sarah was gay and interested in men, boy was i wrong and i found that out in the best way possible. technically i guess we are a heterosexual couple but really how can u define that? because we're really not at all. we actually identify as lesbians. i've never been with a woman before, but it's very peaceful and understanding between us. it is amazing. she is an amazing person with a huge heart and our relationship is unlike any that i have ever been in before. we talk for hours, i paint her toenails, we go shopping, we cuddle, we watch chick flicks together and both actually enjoy them... i feel so blessed to have met such an amazing person and i'm glad i stumbled onto your page. i will be an avid reader of your blog from here on out. rock on!