Sunday, September 7, 2008

Comments Please

Hey guys n gals n all else in between! I'd like to hear from you. Those of you who have left comments already, THANKS! If you leave a comment and want a response that isn't published on your blog, leave me your email address so I can contact you outside of your blog. I'm enjoying many of your blogs as well. I think that more couples will stay together as time goes on, don't you?

Sometimes our own fears about being perceived as a homosexual couple create problems for us. We don't "exactly" fit the "typical" gay couple mode since to just say, "We're a lesbian couple now" doesn't quite work, does it? You see, that sort of negates more than half of our married life. That's why I kiddingly say, I'm a "straight lesbian," or "We certainly appear to be lesbians now, but we don't quite fit the typical mold." Of course, both of those responses lead to more questions and answers. The whole idea is to make people think about labels. Labels work for a large group "in general." But when one gets down to specifics, about one or two individuals, those labels don't fit, do they? So, yes, we DO appear to be a lesbian couple, and we don't care if that's what folks think, but we find it much better to reveal that Angela is a T and that we've been married for more than 42 years! We can also joke about having it both ways. Trust me when I say, THIS way is the best!


Amelie said...

Hmmm yeah, I guess we do kinda have it both ways! LOL And yes, I agree, I bet more couples will stay together through this stuff. I'm planning on being one of 'em! :)

Eunice said...

Hi Jonni
I totally agree that being married to a T is the way to go. I miss Diana more than you could know, and still don't quite fit, in the lesbian crowd, or with straight people. Neither one feels comfortable. So every so often, I go to visit the Trans group that she helped start. Its the only social group where I feel totally comfortable, but I also know it is a place to see old friends, and a place where I am loved. If I ever married again, I think it would have to be a T, but think it could be an ftm as well as an mtf. Give angela a hug for me. Eunice