Thursday, July 24, 2008


Trans - Time
Hey, first off, it's okay to be a T. It's okay to be transgendered; AND, it's okay to be transsexual. There is a bit of a difference. A transsexual is Transgendered, but someone who is transgendered may not be a Transsexual! Aha! Transgender is an umbrella term for lots of folks with gender issues (not sexual issues). If you are GAY, you are not transgenered, because you are okay with your sex, and you are okay with the fact that you love those of the same sex. Gay is a sexual issue, not a gender issue. Transgenered folks have a problem with their gender. If they are transsexual, the brain says they are A and their sexual organs say they are B. If you're a crossdresser, there are times you need to cross genders to be comfortable in your skin, so you have a gender issue. You see the difference. Okay, so if you have a child, spouse, or other family memeber who is having trouble with what gender they are, you have a transgendered person. If your male child tells you, "I'm a girl, so I shouldn't have a penis," he's probably transgendered, and likely transsexual. If your spouse says, "I have to be a woman sometimes - to relax and be myself, they are transgendered, and possibly transsexual - they may also only need to cross-dress to be comfortable. Check it out with them, with a therapist, with a doctor, with someone in the community (like a GLBT community center or PFLAG), or at least with someone you trust. There is understanding out there, but you MAY have to search it out. You're always welcome to comment on/email this blog, and I'll get back to you.

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