Thursday, July 31, 2008

GLBT targets

A gunman opens fire in a church in Tennessee against an open church; a youth opens fire in a school at a gay teen; all over the country there is hatred against GLBT+ folks. I'm of the opinion that when we are judged, it's going to be by a god that is exactly what we hate the most. That would mean some obscure form of sushi’d judge me, I suppose. All kidding aside, I was meant the kind of people we hate - if you hate gays, god is going to be a gay; if you hate people of a different race than your own, god's going to be that - etc. You catch my drift, no doubt. The bible has been used to justify a lot of hate, everything from an eye for an eye to giving folks what they think is the right to justify killings because of their own understanding of the bible. I don't mean to get after folks over what they believe the bible tells them particularly, I'd just like them to make sure it's what they are darn sure about - and not just taking their preacher's word about what something means. I suspect almost everyone's played that old whisper game; well, the bible has been translated a bunch of times. I'd suggest everyone do a little reading / research about that. Remember that the Catholic Church of the early centuries had the most say as to what went into the bible, and the interpretations that were "allowed." There are a lot of scrolls that could have been in the bible that got left out; Translators had their own beliefs, and just a little slant can make words mean different things to different folks. All I ask is that everyone be VERY careful about hating anyone. I think it's best to leave the taking of lives to god. If you have concerns about GLBT+ folks, do some research, contact a local group like PFLAG and go meet with them - or at least go on their website. Watch a video of For The Bible Tells Me So, research how the bible was put together, but most of all - please, think for yourself.

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