Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things Are Getting More Real Every Day Now.

I have a surgery date now, Sept. 29. Having it makes the whole thing seem more "real" now. Angela is certainly a grounding force. Initially, she was worried, but as we have moved through the process, she is relaxing a bit. She's the best nurse possible when I'm sick, so I know she'll be great as I recover and go through the radiation treatments. Right now, though, she is the organizer. Each bit of paperwork that must be attended to is in its place; medical office cards are in their particular spot too, and now that my "official cancer documents" booklet/file has arrived, she's going through along with me. I never realized how many appointments, insurance papers, and whatnot had to be done before the whole process actually begins. It certainly isn't like any other surgery I've ever had. Of course, the stakes are higher. She's a dear, and I love her to death.

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LivelyClamor said...

Thinking about you and sending a warm fuzzy!