Friday, September 4, 2009

There's good news in Mudville (aka Fresno) today, Angela's longest nail survived! I'm sure you have already guessed what happened. Yes, she fell off a ladder - AGAIN!

No, I didn't know she was using a ladder, so I was not outside with her. (She has orders not to climb a ladder without supervision, which has worked up until today - DAMN!) Yes, she looks like she's been through a war zone, but the damage appears to be more-or-less superficial - scratches, bruises, and minor cuts. There will be some swelling no doubt, and no, she didn't put any ice on it - recalcitrant four-year-old that she is. (Hormones don't change everything!) Nothing's broken THIS time - what a welcome change that is. At least we are not spending the remainder of the day at an emergency room. My next stop is going to be at a local Home Depot to get several chains and locks. They'll be attached to our three ladders, and the key will be hidden.

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