Friday, July 10, 2009

Celebrity vs Soldiers

I am concerned about the way we go nuts over celebrities. I don’t just mean Michael Jackson; I mean sports heroes and movie, TV and radio celebs. One of them dies and the world goes into mourning. What happens when a soldier dies? Their family and a few friends go into mourning. Congress has a moment of silence for a celebrity, but nothing when a soldier dies. Folks flock to a celebrity to get an autograph, but can’t show up at the airport to welcome home a fallen soldier from their own community. Okay, I’m from the Vietnam generation, where “our boys” were spat on; but there is no excuse these days. Our country “supposedly” supports our soldiers. There should at least be a moment of silence in congress every day a soldier dies. There should be a line of folks from every community lining the departure streets from every airport when a fallen soldier comes home. Think about it next time you think about spending money on a celebrity. Angela, as David, spent 23 years in the A.F. and is a much decorated officer, as was my father. I celebrate them every day!

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My thoughts exactly about soldiers and celebrities. Our soldiers are our real heroes, not any celebrity, although a number have served well such as Ted Williams, Ed McMahon, etc.

I did not cry over Michael Jackson, but his a.m. I read about two young soldiers from my area of Pittsburgh that were killed in Afghanistan and I sat and cried.