Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Small Steps Toward Freedom from Fear

There were protests, and then people knew that those in the GLBT+ spectrum would no longer be ignored. Openly "out" parades began, and straight people enjoyed watching, and some even supported them. Supportive organizations began, like PFLAG (and others), and they saw their membership grow. Lobbyist appeared at legislative offices, and bills began to be introduced. Domestic Partnerships were allowed here and there, and states didn't crumble and churches didn't die. In fact, many churches found new members to increase their fold. Welcoming those in the GLBT+ family showed love and acceptance was a better way to follow one's choice of God. Marriages began to happen, and Love spread. Don't Ask / Don't Tell fell, and patriotic men and women will now serve openly.

Freedom for those in our GLBT+ family is coming. We'll soon be equal to the rest of you. That's a tremendous gift to the young people in our community. It shows them that if they can hang on until they are adults, they may be able to lead a normal life.

I'd like to be able to show "our" youth that they can be accepted even while they are still youngsters, pre-teen, teens, and young adults. I'd like to see the bullying, name calling, and hatred stop. Wouldn't you?


Karin July1992 said...

I agree with your sentiments and hope that you will be right on where the road leads.

But when will ENDA happen?

When will "gender identity" be okay for the U.S. military? (We weren't included in the bill signed by President Obama today).

When will the GLB folks throw us under the bus again like they did in 2007 for ENDA?

Not to be cynical, but as I applaud the end of DADT I have to shudder at the quiet about what happened for the rest of us. TS folks can serve in other first-world militaries (Hello, Britain? Australia?), when was this removed from the bill and who did it?


Karin ("I'm Just A Girl (I Think)" Blog)

Angela said...

I tend to agree with Karin. The repeal of DADT was nice, but it was only a *very small* step towards ending the discrimination. ENDA and the repeal of DOMA would be larger steps because they set up ways we can push for true equality.

And the trans-phobic GLB folks need their butts kicked too.