Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bullies, Terry Pratchett and YOU

If you haven't read Terry Pratchett, you've missed some delightful reading. Not only is his humor top notch, but his views have a lot to say about people in Real Life. I just finished I SHALL WEAR MIDNIGHT, and he has a good bit to say about those who prejudice others. The book is about a young witch who has a Cunning Man turning people against her and other witches. Being part of the GLBT+ community, his comments certainly strike home, especially given the numerous suicides and other situations those in our community face due to how people view us. Prejudice is an ugly thing, and when it leads to bullying and worse, young people die. I'd like to have our government and religious leaders think of the consequences before they speak out against the GLBT+ community.

Here's what Tiffany Aching has to say to the Cunning Man:
Your power is only rumor and lies . . . You bore your way into people when they are uncertain and weak and worried and frightened, and they think their enemy is other people when their enemy is, and always will be, you-the master of lies.

Don't make a space for those, who like the Cunning Man, would turn you against your fellow man. Think for yourself and understand that what some folks say are not in your best interest or our country's. I suspect most folks don't give a fig about what their neighbor's do in their own bedrooms. So why is everyone worried about what those in the GLBT+ community do? If you want government out of your home, support others who want it out of theirs. Equal Rights mean Equal, not separate or different. If you love, you should allow others to do so as well. Remember, love is welcoming and accepting of our differences.

I believe God is going to be what you most hate, so when you reach Him, he may well be a member of the GLBT+ community. Don't be a bully who throws stones or derogitory, belittling words, instead be one who welcomes our differences and diversity.

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