Monday, July 19, 2010

Turnpikes and Tollways

Okay, I understand that states are having difficulties keeping up with road repairs. I even admit that the decision to have toll roads makes some sense, at least when the tolls are used to cover the costs of needed repairs. However, when I'm driving on them, and I find they are not maintained any better than other primary throughfares, I am not happy. I'm also not happy to find the wide tollboth is usually the one that remains unmanned. That forces RVs and semitrucks to squeeze into the smaller space along with all the cars. Before Angela transitioned, she was NOT the cool-headed driver she is now. HE would have given the attendant an earful over having to test every driving skill available to avoid scraping the mirrors and paint off the RV while paying for the privilege of using these poorly maintained roadways. Yes, someone deserves to have their ears blasted for the situation, but not the attendants. So, yep, this is another Best Thing About Being Married to a Transsexual. I love her supurb driving and her level headed attitude.


Calie said...

Hi Jonni,

I have followed your blog for a long time and keep coming back.

I am currently featuring guest posts on T-Central ( regarding thoughts and reflections about transition. I would love to have a post from a spouse. Would you be interested?

If so, please contact me:


Mattie said...

I love reading about your travels. You guys sound like you have a great life together.

Thanks so much for sharing it out in the open.