Thursday, June 24, 2010

Active Again

Okay, I admit to being a slacker in the blogging arena. I think, though, that it was more of a vacation. I was doing all that Cancer stuff, and it took over my life in a way I had not anticipated. I gio through it without many problems, but blogging took a backseat. I missed doing it, of course, but putting words down correctly didn't always happen. Call it what you will: chemo brain, or just laziness. I'll agree with you generally. I'm on a chemo pill now, but the brain seems to be working, and I want to be involved in blogging again. So, here I am putting words in this little box again.

Since this is supposed to be about being married to a Transsexual, trust me when I say that Angela was a rock through all of this - in the best way (not as poundage such as her being a heavy weight to carry around). She provided wonderful nursing when needed and even better support all the time. She, along with several good friends, made the passage much easier than I expected. Trust me when I say that not all spouses are a help. So, yes, this is another great thing about being married to a T!


LeAnne said...

You have been in my thoughts recently. There has been quite a long time indeed since I have been able to read a post from you. What you are going through is definately no easy thing. However,with your strong will, love of life, I'm sure that with your 'rock' by your side, it will help to get through it all. My heart goes out to you wishing you health and happiness. Please, take care.

Angela said...

Glad to see you back and I'm glad things are going well for you both! :)