Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Things to think about re a spouse's transition

When your spouse transitions, things will change. They'll change gradually, for the most part, but some things will be quite different almost immediately. One day I told Angela that she was changing daily, and that that meant I was dealing with a different (although improved[!]) person every day. The first thing I noticed was that within three days of her beginning hormones she was noticeably happier. Her whole outlook brightened. Perhaps it was only the beginning of an adventure high most of us experience, but I am certain the hormones played a part in that. I also noticed the slightest nuance of a change in the way her kiss tasted. Soon her breasts were sensitive to the touch - very much like a pre-teen who's breast buds are beginning. Anything that touched her nipples sent a ripple of sensation through her. It was fun and disconcerting, a topic for conversation - funny and serious, and an experiment for both of us. Why do I say that? Because I had always slept with my head on his chest, and that was now uncomfortable for her. We had to adjust. Then, of course, the breasts began to grow. I will admit this was more difficult for me. I just hadn't worked out how I was going to deal with actual breasts.
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Noelle MacLeod said...

I'm thrilled to have found your blog. I realize I am commenting on an old post and you may not see this comment, but I wanted to just say hello. It is extremely helpful to know others have gone before me and survived. Thanks for sharing!

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