Sunday, November 11, 2007

Best Things of Transgender/TS marriage

One of the best things about being married to a TS is their memories haven't changed. That means Angela knows everything that David did. He was very good at inventing ways of getting things done that initially seemed difficult. Angela is no different.

Today, we were working on building a large cabinet for our shop. The heavy 4x8 panels of wood were too unwieldy to use the table saw, even with the help of the outfeed roller and both of us manipulating them. She went into invention mode and soon came up with an alternate way to get the ungainly sheets cut. Yes, it took thirty minutes of set up time and lots of measuring, but, once done, we had three very large, heavy sheets of wood sawed into the many pieces needed. So, what did we use instead of the table saw? The circular saw, two sawhorses, 2 large clamps, a straight edge invention of hers that uses a 1x6 piece of wood with an aluminum channel attached to the long edge, and another 1x4 at right angles to the straight edge.

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Anne said...

Hi... I'm glad that you are posting and look forward to your blog. A member of my own family married a woman (well, biological male) who had reassignment surgery this year. What a relief it was -- for both of them.