Friday, September 18, 2009

Na Nana Na Na!

Angela falls off ladders. That's a given around here. She's broken her wrist twice; once from an indoor fall, and once from an outdoor fall. She's had several other falls that, fortunately, only resulted in various scrapes and bruises. It's to the point that there is now a "rule" about not getting on a ladder without someone being nearby (to at least call an ambulance, or laugh, which ever is the most appropropriate!). This last fall happened two weeks ago, and it wasn't a terrible fall; it was another of those scrapes and bruises variety. However, it's still causing her problems - her knee and foot continue to swell. Both are okay, sore, but not seriously so, in the morning, but, by nightfall, both are swollen. So, today we went to see the doctor. He promptly asked, "Did you put ice on it? (No) Did you raise it for a few hours? (No) Did you take it easy for the rest of the day?" (No) Of course, all of those things were the very same instructions I gave her after her accident: ala this-is-what-you-should-do. Naturally, she ignored me and went on about her work. Over the next few days, the scratches healed, but the soreness remained. I wasn't very sympathetic, since she didn't take my advice. I went with her to the doctor today, just so I could say, "Na Nana Na Na!" in the hopes that next time she'll listen, and do as told - including not being on a ladder without someone being around! You see, hormones don't change Everything! But, the fact she took it in good humor, makes that One of the Best Things About Being Married to a T!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things Are Getting More Real Every Day Now.

I have a surgery date now, Sept. 29. Having it makes the whole thing seem more "real" now. Angela is certainly a grounding force. Initially, she was worried, but as we have moved through the process, she is relaxing a bit. She's the best nurse possible when I'm sick, so I know she'll be great as I recover and go through the radiation treatments. Right now, though, she is the organizer. Each bit of paperwork that must be attended to is in its place; medical office cards are in their particular spot too, and now that my "official cancer documents" booklet/file has arrived, she's going through along with me. I never realized how many appointments, insurance papers, and whatnot had to be done before the whole process actually begins. It certainly isn't like any other surgery I've ever had. Of course, the stakes are higher. She's a dear, and I love her to death.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Caught by an advertiser

We fell for the legendary John Deere myth that their lawn tractors are better than all the others. It cost us $2,000 more to buy a JD rather than the Sears version we were considering. Now that we have it, the JD is just not measuring up. The fabric grass-catchers get the machine and me filthy, are difficult to lift off their frames because I'm too short to get enough purchase on the darn things, and they're hard to empty when full.

Today, it stopped mowing when I ran over a gopher hole! This is a lawn tractor, folks, have you ever heard of such a thing? The machinery couldn't handle the loose dirt, I guess!

Thank goodness Angela has the "Miss Fix-it" gene, because taking this thing apart was no picnic. (Our old Sears version had much easier access to problem areas.) However, she had me up and running again after about 45 minutes. That gene is a Best Thing About Being Married to a Transsexual!

Friday, September 4, 2009

There's good news in Mudville (aka Fresno) today, Angela's longest nail survived! I'm sure you have already guessed what happened. Yes, she fell off a ladder - AGAIN!

No, I didn't know she was using a ladder, so I was not outside with her. (She has orders not to climb a ladder without supervision, which has worked up until today - DAMN!) Yes, she looks like she's been through a war zone, but the damage appears to be more-or-less superficial - scratches, bruises, and minor cuts. There will be some swelling no doubt, and no, she didn't put any ice on it - recalcitrant four-year-old that she is. (Hormones don't change everything!) Nothing's broken THIS time - what a welcome change that is. At least we are not spending the remainder of the day at an emergency room. My next stop is going to be at a local Home Depot to get several chains and locks. They'll be attached to our three ladders, and the key will be hidden.