Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kisses in the hall

Love is all about kisses in the hall, when you pass one another, or just when you happen to be close. Love is saying I Love You more than once a year, it's saying it every day, at unexpected times, and when it's least expected. Love is all those little "love" touches also in the hall, when you pass one another, or just when you happen to be close. It's also holding hands in the yard, in the house sometimes, and out sometimes. We are fortunate to be in California where two women, or men, holding hands, or touching one another in appropriate manner, is accepted. I have never been one to suggest necking in public, or deep kissing, or certainly not going futher, but hand holding is always okay. Anyway, think about how many times you tell the person you've committed your life to, then count the times you show it, say it, or act on your love besides actual love making. It's those little kisses and touches in the hall that make all the difference. They remind each other how much you really care. What a difference it made to us when Angela no longer had to hide who she was. David certainly used to touch, kiss, and hold hands, but it always felt more obligatory than desired. After she started cross dressing it was the most natural thing in the world. Now it's every day, and what a blessing it is. Yeah, this is one of those Best Things about being married to a T again!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Comments Please

Hey guys n gals n all else in between! I'd like to hear from you. Those of you who have left comments already, THANKS! If you leave a comment and want a response that isn't published on your blog, leave me your email address so I can contact you outside of your blog. I'm enjoying many of your blogs as well. I think that more couples will stay together as time goes on, don't you?

Sometimes our own fears about being perceived as a homosexual couple create problems for us. We don't "exactly" fit the "typical" gay couple mode since to just say, "We're a lesbian couple now" doesn't quite work, does it? You see, that sort of negates more than half of our married life. That's why I kiddingly say, I'm a "straight lesbian," or "We certainly appear to be lesbians now, but we don't quite fit the typical mold." Of course, both of those responses lead to more questions and answers. The whole idea is to make people think about labels. Labels work for a large group "in general." But when one gets down to specifics, about one or two individuals, those labels don't fit, do they? So, yes, we DO appear to be a lesbian couple, and we don't care if that's what folks think, but we find it much better to reveal that Angela is a T and that we've been married for more than 42 years! We can also joke about having it both ways. Trust me when I say, THIS way is the best!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Say "Thanks!"

Please say Thanks to all the folks that support all the things you like to do. "Huh?" you may say. I'm talking about advertisers and sponsors of events you like to go to, newsletters you get, even newspapers. You know what, many of the events we all love to attend wouldn't happen if sponsors and advertisers didn't pay all the upfront costs just to have a chance to have a small booth, a banner, or an ad in a newsletter. I'm on a board, again, yeah, even after saying "never again" a half dozen times. Believe me, if we didn't have advertisers and sponsors, a lot of things we do wouldn't happen. We have to pay to have our newsletter [printed: it's the advertisers that defray the cost. When we rent a space for a big event, it's our sponsors that make it happen. Yes, we put in the time and effort, but the bills have to be paid up-front. What they get in return is a booth, or their banner displayed. So, it's important that member let them know they saw an advertiser's ad, or stopped by their booth, or noticed their banner. It's helpful if our members frequent our advertisers and sponsors, because there are plenty of other organizations out there asking for their dollars to suppor their events. I worked in advertising for more than thirty years, and trust me when I say, if an advertiser doesn't hear, or see, that their money is well spent, they'll give it to a different newsletter, event, or group. So, say "Thanks for supporting our event, our cause, our newsletter," when you go into a store. It's especially important for those of us in GLBT+ organizations, because not everyone loves us, as you know. So, please say "Thanks!"

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ah, Paradise

It's ten a.m. and I'm sitting here at the computer, still in my jammies catching up on email and waiting for Brooke to wake from her morning nap. I've got a cup of tea nearby, and Angela is out doing all the shopping - you know: groceries, drug store, bank, pet food place, home depot, and anywhere else that has all the necessities. I'm so glad she likes to shop, 'cuz I do not! Oh, I'm okay with our monthly trip to the base for commissary and base exchange services, but all that other searching out all the needful things is just not my idea of fun. I'd much rather be with friends, working in the garden or yard, or playing with the granddaughter. Angela's love of the shopping aspect is just another Best Things About Being Married to a T! Don't you wish you had a shopper spouse?